The Light Within My Light – By Amin Jaswal

The Light Within My Light


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The Light Within My Light is a collection of poetry focused on finding one’s self and healing the broken parts within ourselves. Using metaphors, symbolism and gender fluidity in her writing Amin explores the inner relationship and conflict between our feminine and masculine energy.

Drawing from her experiences The Light Within My Light is a masterful journey through love, loss and self-reflection. This book dives into adversity and challenges the fragility of life, something that Amin has faced in her fight with cancer and finding herself through the darkest of obstacles in her life.

Her writing travels the path of reconnecting with your body after brokenness and finding understanding in your soul when parts of you get lost in the traumas of your life.

Written through moments when life was simple and bright, moments when cancer tore through her world, moments when she found darkness and despair to the moment when she found peace through the fear of the unknowing.

Each of the three sections of this book provide different lessons in understanding the inner workings of who we are. Finding Light is about appreciating beauty and life for what it truly is. Exploring Light is centered around acknowledging and pushing through the pain that comes with the ups and downs of our existence. Igniting Light reveals the awakening that comes with reaching the other side of an obstacle and beginning the healing required to discover who you truly are.

Amin believes our bodies are companions to the soul. We don’t realize they are a separate piece of us until they are broken. Surrendering to what the universe was showing her during the pit of her despair awakened her inner light to find a deeper and stronger sense of self. This book takes you on her explorations to self-love through happiness, darkness and ultimately claiming her inner light. The Light Within My Light.