Amin; an artist, advocate and author.

Amin is a thirty-something, cancer-surviving female poet of Punjabi- Canadian decent, residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Amin actively works to advocate for the cancer community and to normalize discussions around female cancers. She writes about the magic and traumas of life, hoping to paint a picture that will connect with other word-lovers. A. Lights Poetry is a space where Amin creates her poetry.

“A. Lights?” you may ask. “A” represents the first letter of her given name, which means peace and purity. “Lights” represents all of the souls that make her life so bright. This handle initially gave Amin the courage to be open with her writing and aided her in keeping her art vulnerable. Amin’s poetry is based on her constant evolution forward, touching on her personal experiences, hopes, and dreams, as well as the experiences that surround her life.

She wrote this first collection of poetry to inspire people—to stir feelings inside them, to heal as a collective, and to hopefully provide a sense of magic or support.

In life, I believe we are touched by different lights, but we also have a light within ourselves and the power to ignite that light. My light recognizes your light, and may this collection help you shine.