By Pauline Jeanneau – Nov 05, 2020

After months of severe pain and increasing symptoms, then 29-year-old Amin Jaswal was diagnosed in June 2019 with Stage IIB glandular adenocarcinoma of the cervix (cervical cancer). Like many gynecological cancers, Amin’s was not detectable through a pap test or blood work and was ultimately identified through a vaginal ultrasound followed by a biopsy.

“My first instinct when I was diagnosed was feeling of relief,” remembers Amin. “I knew something was deeply wrong for months and finally someone was validating my feelings and my pain and telling me I wasn’t crazy. The relief was also associated with hope and it gave me a path forward to fix what was wrong.”

International Women’s Day: These are the women who inspire our readers

Daily Hive – Mar, 08 2021

How do they inspire others: In June 2019, Amin was diagnosed with stage IIB cervical cancer. She battled a long and gruelling journey of many chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Unfortunately, after a few months of remission, her cancer returned. She is the shining light in all of our lives. Her ability to put others before herself and continue to fight for women’s health is nothing short of amazing. She is a talented writer (@aminjaswal), gynecological cancer advocate at BC Cancer, and a beautiful soul. We don’t know what the future holds for Amin, but I’d love to be able to recognize her courage and strength.